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What do SPARC Seminars and Workshops offer?

Seminars and workshops that help individuals reach their ideals.  Benefits are reached in areas of health, general success and in relationships.

The seminars and workshops are in areas of:

Mindfulness and Meditation
Thinking, Attitude and Exploring the Mind 
Depression and Stress Management 
Forgiveness and Love 
Energy Psychology 

Also, we can provide made-to-order seminars for groups, organizations and businesses that may have special needs such as a seminar or workshops in Enhancing Creativity or Creating Joy in the Workplace.

Better Health

Consider releasing stress, anxiety and periodic depression.  Consider responding with peace to disturbing news.  Consider a mindful approach to intense moments of fear and anxiety.  Releasing old beliefs and worn habits to create better coping methods that enhance a person’s mental and physical well-being creates better health. Sensing, perceiving, acknowledging, reflecting and creating provides a better way to cope and to prevent some of the undesirables from creating havoc in a person’s overall health condition.

Improved Success

Wonder why some people seem to be in sync with their environment and how they achieve different levels of success with relative ease?  What shifts in attitude, belief or consciousness can create optimal success?  Using the SPARC Method for sensing, perceiving, acknowledging, reflecting and then creating can lead to having a personal structure that can lead to gaining leadership, enhancing creativity, and personal empowerment.

Healthier Relationships

 Consider all of the relationships one has in a lifetime.  Parents, friends, spouses, partners, bosses, clients, neighbors, communities, nations, social groups and various associations – they all make up some of the unique relationships in one’s lifetime.  Conflict inevitably can occur when two oppose each other in some manner.  Using the SPARC Method of sensing, perceiving, acknowledging, reflecting and creating can lead to mutually satisfying relationships.


SPARC Method for your Group

Special issues on the job with employees?  Lackluster involvement?  Engagement poor?  Resilience low?  Morale low?  Whatever the issues in an employment, association or group, the SPARC Method can be applied to realize an increase in engagement, morale, resilience and creativity.  Consider building a special seminar or workshop for your group based on your needs.

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