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The information on this website is not intended in any way as medical or psychological advice, treatment or diagnosis. For questions about how to treat your illness, please consult your psychologist/psychiatrist/physician/therapist. No website will provide this service.

If you or someone you love is in crisis, please have him/her go to the nearest provider of services or seek the assistance of a hospital, treatment center or clinic near you.

None of the material on this website is for clinical use, transmission of diagnosis, treatment and/or advice.  Additionally, any links provided have been reviewed by SPARC Seminars to assist in finding resources and/or information for the reader and does not necessarily constitute the SPARC Seminars philosophy.
No treatment, advice or diagnosis can be made through e-mail.  Thus, your comments should reflect this understanding.  Your contacting us does not automatically constitute a client relationship.

We cannot provide advice, diagnosis and/or treatment on the phone.  Please be aware that your email will not be disseminated by us to any third-party but your sending us information, allows SPARC SEMINARS to send you information about upcoming events and/or other information relating to our events.

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