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SPARC ™ Seminars 

Providing psychotherapy to adults, older adults, families, and couples for more than twenty years lead me to ask the following question regarding some of my clients:  if the person had some of the tools prior to experiencing enormous strife, struggle and stress, would seeking supportive psychotherapy have been necessary?

Obviously, when in enormous pain, people do need and should seek assistance from a trained professional. However, awareness of some basic tools can propel people in directions of resilience, resourcefulness and remarkable grit and determination when faced with life’s challenges. SPARC Seminars grew out of a desire to promote awareness of preventative measures to manage and cope better.

These tools are designed to help people access practical ways to understand some of the core underlying patterns in their lives that do not work and then introduce healthier methods of coping.


Sense when stress, struggle and strife rise in your world.  Can you sense when it first shows up?  Or do you bury it for awhile and only take care of things when they begin to get out of control?


Do you know what you perceive? Everyone has a filter. What is yours? Are you correct about the perception you hold? What do you perceive to be the problem?


Acknowledge the situation, stress, or struggle you currently face. What is it?
Naming it is often the trickiest part.  Once we know it, we can acknowledge it being there. No running away or falling into one of the many escape addictions we sometimes carry.


After sensing, perceiving and acknowledging, one needs to reflect on it. What is going on here? What just happened? What is my role in all of this? What can I do about it now? Reflection is a necessary component of recognizing what can be done about any given situation.


After sensing, perceiving, acknowledging and reflecting on any given situation, one can choose to create conscious choices in their lives.

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