SPARC ™ Seminars grew out of a desire to promote wellness in large groups and to help many heal in a powerful manner. With so much information pouring out of all areas of psychology, medicine, metaphysics, awareness, consciousness and other modalities, so little of the information is directly sought by individuals who are looking for a different way of engendering power and promoting creation. The reverse is also true. Even when seeking, so much information is confusing at best. To grow, one needs some tools and some directions. Grow one will because of the nature of life on earth. However, the maze of information and the maze of disinformation is truly vast! Genuine healing comes from knowing.

In a time of transformation, political upheavals, economic uncertainty, many find themselves asking questions about the purpose and meaning of life. For some, employment and mundane living patterns lack inspiration and fulfillment. Family, education, and life events may be overwhelming. Finding others going through similar issues, connects us and reconnects us to the pipeline of life and brings a sense of togetherness and an experience of oneness with others while maintaining our individual uniqueness.

Knowledge has always been a source of power. We spend trillions of dollars in educational systems and yet none of these focus on the human spirit and truly knowing oneself. Dogma and theories are fine for educators and for learning about the underlying structures of thought systems and providing distinct areas of expertise. However, real knowledge and hence the power underneath comes from knowing oneself. The power that comes from recognizing the peace that dwells underneath all of us is a profound recognition.

Recognition or insight into oneself is only part of the process. Taking action means knowing what to do or when to do it or recognizing that there is no-thing to DO is another aspect of the SPARC™ design. The Action in ACTION may be to do something or to not do anything and to know the difference.

Reflection is the basis of acknowledging what is in your life, what it serves and how it is maintained. The mirror that you hold in your hand reflects an image you hold of yourself or what the world has indicated is the reflection you have. When engaged in SPARC™ Seminars, one begins to have a conscious awareness of the reflection that has been created and through this knowledge, the reflection can change and be what one intends it to be rather than a reflection of outmoded thinking patterns and misguided perceptions.

Creation is the final outcome of all SPARC™ Seminars. It is the fulfillment of the learning gained. It is the outpouring of the creative energy that resides in all of us. You manifest what you create. SPARC™ Seminars are the creative outcome of Dr. Milena Tatic Bajich, a clinical psychologist, who has been providing education and psychotherapy for almost two decades. While she continues to support individuals in her practice with individual, couples, group and family therapies, she also has been educating larger groups through her SPARC™ Seminars, workshops, lectures and retreats. Lifestyle enhancement tools are the basis for SPARC Seminars. Success, purpose and self-discovery are the aims. Renew enthusiasm from your own personal growth. It is the seed of joy and it is the key to balance.

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